KIBI National Examination for Professional Competency of General Surgery in October 2022

KIBI national competency examination of general surgeon in one of graduation requirement for the General Surgery Study Program resident was held again on October 29, 2022. On this occasion, there are 7 candidates from Udayana University who are scheduled to take the national exam. The seven candidates are dr. Ida Bagus Ananta Wijaya, dr. Tito Ade Putra, dr. Yeremia Gerald K, dr. I Gede Hendra Wijaya, dr. Ivor Wiguna Hartanto Wilopo, dr. Giovani Fatrio Odo, and dr. Putu Chandra Wibawa. On this occasion, the national exam was held offline and seven candidates from Udayana university were divided into two test locations, namely Medan and Surabaya.

This activity was followed smoothly and went well. All candidates from Udayana University are declared to have passed the National Examination for Professional Competency of General Surgery. On this occasion, one of the participants, namely dr. Yeremia Gerald K got the first rank at Medan locatio. That Achievement makes General surgery study program at Udayana University really proud and we hoped that this achievement can make new enthusiasm and become an example to the next national examination candidates.